Update Your Inventory

In order for us to provide you with the most accurate volume, we need to obtain an itemized list of your furniture that will be shipped. You are more than welcome to call our Sales Department at 888-889-6872 ext 3 to go over this in a personal and relaxed call setting. Or please click on the link below and take the time to fill out your accurate list. You simply mark the quantities next to the items you’ll be relocating. Keep in mind, anything that will fit into a box should be included in your box count.You should never try to estimate your box count alone. Only include your large items and then consult with your trained moving coordinator to go over specifics like packing, pick-up/delivery time frames, box count, and the overall service that will be provided to you. We again thank you for your time and patience!

We take time and precision to insure that your items get to you safely! Packing and Wrapping is a skill and Brooklyn Moving Inc has perfected it!