Is it better to move furniture or buy new?

Should I move my furniture or buy new? There are several important factors to take under consideration when wondering whether to ship furniture or buy new: Your old furniture’s practical value If you have stylish and comfortable furniture that perfectly suits your needs and your aesthetic preferences, you will most certainly want to keep it […]


Congratulations! After weeks of planning and preparing for your move, you have finally crossed the finish line and into the threshold of your new home. Take a minute to decompress and give yourself a pat on the back that all the heavy lifting is finally done. Don’t get too comfortable just yet, because the day […]

Pros and Cons of Moving in a Short Period

Deciding to move or not to move can be a huge life decision. After all, nobody likes the idea of moving in a short period of time, as moving itself involves planning and several tasks to organize. With that said, it’s essential to learn the pros and cons of moving in a short timeframe. So […]